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    An LLC's main asset is thousands of acres of land and one home... The LLC rents parts of the land....and direct expenses are deducted from the rental income. The LLC has other expenses not directly related to the rental land....such as wages (to ...

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    VA S-Corp has a single employee working remotely from IL residence. All work performed relates to business conducted in VA; no IL clients/customers are located in IL.  Taxpayer reports IL wages (withholding) and pays unemployment tax in IL. Taxpayer ...

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    Decedent was in a nursing home on medicaid. Decedent had a pension which was paid to his estate in the amount of $160,000. The state put a claim for the medical and nursing home they paid on behalf of the decedent and settled for $130,000. It doesn’t ...


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    Our 2019 tax season media campaign promotes the value of partnering with a CPA for help during tax time as well as for year-round financial guidance. The radio ads can be heard from February 4-15, with newspaper ads running on Wednesday, February 6 in ... More

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